About Me

Quite simply, I care about people’s stories.  I am a natural listener and a curious learner.  Each client broadens my knowledge by allowing me to hear their unique perspectives on relationships, family, health, downfalls, achievements, and expectations. I am grateful to be in such a privileged position, and I work hard to create safe, therapeutic relationships that lead to client fulfillment and wellness. 

I completed my Master’s in Counseling with emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy in 2016. I am licensed as a Professional Counselor.


For individuals and couples seeking therapeutic means in a time of need or tools for relationship maintenance, I provide safe, supportive counseling sessions aimed at identifying current life stresses and creating new and healthier patterns. Through client-counselor collaboration, I am able to match my knowledge of therapeutic techniques to a client’s unique set of concerns and strengths. I encourage clients to develop their own definitions of wellness and fulfillment while practicing a nonjudgmental attitude toward themselves.  

An initial intake session can last as long as 90 minutes, and regular counseling sessions are typically 60 minutes long.  Regardless of time, the cost is $85 per session.



Contact me to set up your first appointment or ask questions. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Phone: 913-204-0241


Office: 7927 Floyd Street, Overland Park, KS 66204